COVID Checklist for Minor Sports

September 29 2020

​As the RBC Centre continues to keep kids on the ice, we have developed the following checklist for Minor Sport Groups:

RBC Centre Rental Group Checklist - Rules to keep patrons, players and staff safe.

Prior to signing contract and gaining access to the facility:

¨ Waiver form must be signed prior to first rental, no exceptions. All payments must be made through e-transfer, credit card or cheque prior to the first rental. There will be no in-person bookings or payments until further notice.

¨ Insurance certificate must be submitted prior to first rental. NRI & HRM must be added to insurance as 3rdparty. HRM offers short term insurance program and more information can be found at https://programs.aon.ca/authentication/event-insure/account/signin2-en.html

¨ Gathering limit of 50 for activities on the ice.

¨ A limit of 50 spectators (adults only, one per player, no children) will be permitted for each rental. Spectators will be given access to the facility 5 minutes before the rental and must exit 10 minutes after the rental. The rental group is responsible for the following:

o screening all spectators

o supervision of spectators while in the facility

o ensuring spectators vacate the facility within 10 minutes of the end of the rental, and

o provide a list of all spectators to Nustadia daily for contract tracing purposes.

Failure of the rental group to meet any of these requirements will result in immediate suspension of any further rentals until Nustadia is satisfied the rental group can meet these
requirements to ensure the safety of spectators, participants and staff.

¨ The organizer must be prepared to submit a list of participants every day of the rental agreement. The Participant Roster must show that each player/coach has
been cleared to play by answering screening questions. Failure to submit roster when requested or incomplete screening may forfeit future rentals.

¨ Those participating during on ice activities must come ready to play. Do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to rental as access to the facility may be denied. Do not ask staff for early access to the facility or dressing rooms. It is imperative that groups come prepared to play.

¨ Dressing rooms will only be available 15 min prior to each rental. No keys will be distributed for dressing rooms

¨ Groups must exit the facility 15 minutes after rental to allow for cleaning of dressing rooms and high traffic areas prior to next group.

¨ Showers are permitted for ADULT HOCKEY ONLY!

¨ No access to the 2nd floor

¨ Players should bring their own water bottle, already filled

¨ Masks are mandatory to enter the facility

¨ Be mindful of signage in the facility and always follow directions from staff.

¨ Specific doors will be designated for Players/Coaches and Spectators

¨ No food or drink permitted in the facility

¨ No tournaments until further notice

Failure to comply with the above may result in forfeiture of future rentals.